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Traditional farming methods are killing the natural world. Bad news for nature, bad news for us. Organic has the answer, but not everyone is willing to listen. We partnered with Planet Shine and the Organic Trade Board to get the message heard.

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Organic products can be perceived as an expensive choice, which is understandable, until you consider the alternative. No ladybirds, no bees, no earthworms – no food. Not enough people are hearing the message, so we did what all right thinking, planet loving citizens do in these circumstances. Started a protest.

We harnessed the visual language of protest to galvanise the public into choosing organic. By giving the little guys a voice, we wanted to make a big point. If nature could talk, it would ask us to choose organic.

Our social campaign ran throughout September reaching over 6m people, achieving over 10K clicks and 3.8K post reactions, including likes, shares and comments.

Over 6M

people reached


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