Mama Bamboo

Mama Bamboo is on a mission to redefine a category that has historically asked mothers to make difficult choices between performance and sustainability. Our brand reboot was designed to create standout on the retail shelf, and to turn 'doing the right thing' into 'all part of the fun'.

Services used
Brand Identity| Art Direction | Copywriting | Packaging Design


Mama Bamboo and lead agency Planet Shine presented us with the challenge of transforming an online only brand, into a retail ready identity and packaging solution.

Founder, Laura Crawford has created a product that helps mothers make the best choice for their baby, and for the planet. Making it possible for every mother to be 100% confident in choosing disposable, put all those niggly concerns about sustainability aside, and focus on being in the moment with their little miracles. But in a category dominated by extremely high brand awareness, and price point led decisions, we needed a way to standout on the shelf.


We took a trip to the supermarket to understand the competition, and realised that despite all their brand differences, we were looking at shelf after shelf of baby photography. The original Mama Bamboo logo featured a mother panda, and her baby 'Ping'. So we turned Ping from a barely visible aspect of the logo, into an unmissable brand hero.

To visually communicate the age range of the nappy product, we replaced pictures of babies and toddlers, with Ping the panda. Reflecting the physical attributes of each stage of a baby's life, which are unmistakable to every parent. The tone of voice wraps Ping in an adorable description of the benefits of the product, and a new icon system gave us the tools to highlight the product features.


As soon as we saw Ping come to life, we knew there was more to come. With such an adorable character at the heart of our storytelling, everything from brand merchandise to playful animations were on the cards. So much more than a communication device, Ping is a brand icon and an emotional symbol for people to fall in love with.


Such a beautiful and effective transformation takes real collaboration, so we’d like to tip our hats to  Laura Crawford, the Mama Bamboo team, and everyone at Planet Shine. Special mention goes to our wonderful illustrator Vincent Woodcock, without whom, the new incarnation of Ping may never have been born.

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