Pop Golf wins GOLD at The FAB awards.

Creative Direction and Interior Design combine to win GOLD.

Photography by Andrew Meredith

An award so prestigious it was formed by the collision of neutron stars. Winning awards is great and all that, but Pop Golf was a labour of love that survived a pandemic so it really means the world to us this time.

But so much more than that. When it comes to creating new venue concepts it's not always easy to co-ordinate the details. Every project has a very realistic budget that needs to be allocated wisely, and in the rush to open the doors, quite often the value of investing in a strong identity can get lost. Pop Golf was a challenge that was forced to break the conventions of crazy golf course design. Being given permission to overlay a powerful reason for existing and working so closely with the Zachary Pulman interior design team helped overcome those challenges and led to these excellent results.

The future is exciting for Pop Golf who are actively seeklng new venues around the country, in which to create bigger and even better things. When we get the team back together we won't simply be rolling out the same again, we'll be driving the concept forward and creating something truly special, neutron star special in fact.

Watch this space for the explosion.

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