The Park RVA - First Look.

"The man you seek is here, I stand before you".

After 5 months of careful planning and design, Wonderball at the The Park RVA is well into the build phase. Two nine hole crazy golf courses, designed to be a surreal and artistic expression of a joyful summer day in the park. As the various forms and materials are morphing into tangible reality at the fabricators, we'll be able to share the occasional, peek behind the curtain - largely because we're too excited to resist.

Wonderball logo

Course ONE, the Playground is a dreamscape of hazy summertime play, complete with quirky gameplay designed to surprise players at every turn. Where as course TWO, the Fairway speaks to the transition to evening, making use of classic fairground games and visual cues, with more mischievous gameplay reminiscent of those impossible coconut shy experiences.

Wayfinder signage

The entrance to Wonderball will be denoted by the classic bandstand, where players can pay, collect clubs and enter either experience.

Bandstand entrance

And whilst we're all here, why not enjoy these fantastic renders of this huge venue featuring multiple food concepts and an indoor beer garden. Note the nod to Richmond Virginia's beautiful mural art scene

Mural view
Bar and screens
Food concept

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