Angels & Demons
Revealing the power of Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons are a 3D animation studio that believes in breaking creative boundaries. Their USP is the approach they take to every project. They asked us to help them align their visual identity and messaging with the quality of work they do.

Services used
Brand positioning Brand design Tone of voice Visual identity

We asked the question, if Angels & Demons can break creative boundaries for their clients, how can they do the same with their own identity?

Angels and Demons are from another plain of existence. To reflect this we reduced the letter forms as far as humanly possible, maintaining their strength across imagery. The stationary overcomes seemingly impossible challenges; ultra minimal yet powerful; achieving stand-out with black on black design.

“Unforgettable work sets itself apart from anything else in its genre and we don’t create anything else. When your production is touched by Angels & Demons there’s no limit to its potential. Your brand is more powerful than you think.”

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