Second Pop Golf site to launch in town with rich music history.

What have Decca Records, Ziggy Stardust, and Pop Golf got in common? Full frequency stereophonic sound, and as of later this year, Kingston-upon-Thames.

From the site of the Decca Records processing plant, to the jazz music brought over with the WW2 US army stationed at Bushey Park, and David Bowie launching Ziggy Stardust at the Toby Jug in Tolworth, Kingston has music in its soul. And now, it is set to get a new music video themed activity bar anchored by mini golf.

Ziggy Stardust mural in Tolworth, marking 50 years since the Toby Jug performance.

Smith & Devil are working alongside Pop Golf owner Allan Saud, Realise Productions, 501 Fun, IH Solutions, and Middlesex Sound to bring Pop Golf to the Kingston Rotunda. Taking over the site of a former Franky & Benny's, Pop Golf, Kingston will be a celebration of the biggest hits and latest trends in 21st Century pop. With 9 Instagram friendly music video themed golf holes, smart darts, shuffle board, and beer pong.

Kingston Rotunda

Brand Development

Because the new site will be operating as a multi activity concept, Allan Saud and Smith & Devil have taken the opportunity to adapt the brand to be renamed, Pop Social. Creative Director Alex Lewis said, "We built Pop Golf based on the belief that nothing brings people together like music and play, so we thought why not broaden the appeal?". The concept will be focussed on delivering the latest trends and biggest hits, whether that's a smash hit playlist, stunning music video themed mini golf holes, or this year's most popular cocktails. Pop Social will be a play space with something for everyone.

Collaborative approach

To deliver the best guest experience, everything from the interior branding, to the sound system, the customer communications, and of course the operational set up need to be considered together. With most of the project team drawn from The Purists of Play, a collective of proven experts in the social play space, the collaborative relationships between suppliers are long established. "When you're working on a project with businesses you know and trust, the process is so much calmer, but also faster, and the opportunity to realise those moments of magic is so much greater", said Kevin Mura, Creative Director at Smith & Devil.

Smith & Devil are a creative studio specialising in brand led customer experiences. Offering concept design, brand positioning, and interior branding, as well as the services you'd expect from a creative studio such as art direction, graphic design, web development, videography, photography and copywriting.

Last year they delivered Wonderball, a 5000 sq ft, 18 hole mini golf experience for The Park RVA, which took the form of an abstract celebration of fun in the park, in the form of a public art installation.

Wonderball @ The Park RVA (Trent Brown)

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