That empty Debenhams unit near you could be the perfect space for ten pin Bowling.

Retail is out, entertainment-led leisure and hospitality are in. And with industry giants like Debenhams gone for good, there's some serious space to fill with fun.

Bowling alleys have been a popular leisure activity for decades, but until recently you would have been more likely to see them on an out-of-town retail park, (probably next to the all you can eat Chinese) than on your local high street. But that's all changed. Combined with new, hi-tech activities and intelligently considered bar and dining experiences, bowling is attracting customers and generating revenue right in the centre of town. Just one problem - finding the 10,000 sq ft minimum that you need to combine bowling with a multiple activity offer.

Render by Steve Cross

But outside of London, with some major players pulling out of the retail market, leaving large, hard to fill space in their wake – there's an opportunity. This has prompted landlords to change their leasing models, and from cities like Cardiff, to towns like Peterborough, brands offering bowling combined with other activities like mini golf and augmented reality darts are moving in.

Roxy Ballroom Cardiff

These activities have proven ROI formulas and can appeal to a wider audience. However, simply plugging them in to a bar is not enough to convince landlords to lease you the space. You need to create a strong brand and business case to show them that you are a viable tenant.

Pop Golf Wembley

You'll need to show that you have created a brand people connect with, and an experience that people want to spend time in. This means you need a reason for existing, a strong identity, quality food and beverage (F&B), to have invested in the best technology and premium play experiences, and a rock solid financial model.

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At Smith & Devil, we can provide a full development solution for operators looking to open a bowling alley or entertainment venue. From initial concept development to financial modelling, design and build, and branding and marketing, we can help you create a unique and profitable business.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you make your vision a reality.

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