Always on: The permanence of visual storytelling through branded content.

Some years ago, when I was filming a documentary series about female pleasure, a contributor told me that she could experience several types of orgasm.

She said (in rather more detail than I’ll disclose here) that she could choose between a quick, easy to achieve ‘espresso orgasm’; and a more fulfilling climax which lasted much, much longer. She said it’d take longer, and more effort to achieve the more satisfying orgasm- but was pretty firm on the fact the results were worth it.

Rather like the trend of utilising influencers to promote a product, the ‘espresso orgasm’ reaps quick and easy results, but the ‘engagement’ achieved didn’t stick around… and largely speaking, neither does the content produced through agile marketing. I believe that, in a time where social media and online marketing is increasingly more video-based, it is crucial to recognise the value in good, hard-working video content that does the job and sticks around.

Great story-telling speaks for itself and engages an audience far beyond their interest in whoever is promoting the featured product or service. Whilst social media is by all accounts an extremely important tool- the quality of what’s being broadcast is the key factor in creating engagement. That’s why my friend’s dog in LA has 1000x more followers on Instagram than my mum, who is yet to take a focussed photo in her whole entire life, ever.

Effective messaging is innately more watchable when it’s wrapped in engaging, thoughtful narrative and told through beautifully shot images and delivered by industry professionals. A quality piece of video doesn’t just exist- it demands to be watched, and is compelled to be shared. Small enough to go on every channel, and shiny enough for the front page of your website, the versatility and therefore value of good branded content is long-lasting.

Whilst the allure of ‘espresso’ influencer-led content is its innate achievability when your brand is on display, some things are best left to the experts. As Hunter S said, ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing right.’

By Grace Tierney.

Grace Tierney is a TV producer/director credited with shows such as The Super Orgasm, Ibiza Weekender and Weird Earth

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